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The soft armor here is meant for DIY, testing, and/or use in an existing plate carrier. All panels are rated for 6 shots, two inches apart, at the labeled caliber. 

For information on ballistic ratings, visit HERE

All soft armor is sold as a single panel.


  • Thin and Light: Level IIA = .375” thick | Level IIIA = 0.45" thick

  • Flexible: Roll it up and put it in a bag.

  • Ratings: Level 2A rated .22LR through .45ACP | Level 3A rated adds .357SIG/MAG and .44MAG

  • Longevity: All armor is ultrasonically sealed in a waterproof Nylon membrane and carries a 5 year warranty

Armor Weights in IIIA

12" x 16" Rectangular Armor: 2.2lbs

12" x 16" Double Slant: 1.9lbs

11" x 16" Backpack Panel: 1.75lbs

11" x 14" Advanced Cut: 1.3lbs

10" x 12" Advanced Cut : 1lb

8" x 10"  Rectangular Armor: 10oz

6" x 8" Side Armor: 7oz

6" x 6" Side Armor: 5oz

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