The Sport - Men's Bulletproof Jacket

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This rating covers .22LR to .45 ACP out of up to 4" barrels. These are common calibers and the most likely threats to encounter 

Half the weight and thickness of IIIA, with a bit of cost savings!

A men's large is 4lbs in IIA and 8lbs in IIIA

 Each IIIA product has been tested and meets the abbreviated NIJ 0101.06 IIIA Standard

This rating covers calibers from .22LR to .44 Magnum, as well as 00 Buckshot


- Front zip closure

- Left chest pocket

- Two side pockets

- 100% Polyester


  • Protection against .22LR, .380, 9MM, .40, .45, .357 and 44 Magnum. Bird, Buck and 12G Slug resistant.
  • Slash and Stab resistant
  • Complete torso protection. Not just front and back rectangles like many other products
  • Covert. Even with a second glance
  • Front split with overlap design for maximum protection and comfort
  • 100% Polyester poplin panel outer for incredible skin to panel feel
  • 4 Zipper removable panel system
  • 600D Coated Nylon inner cover for complete water and UV resistance


5 Year manufacturer warranty on all ballistic panels

 We offer a 30 day free size exchange program. "Please check the sizing chart carefully and measure yourself before ordering." 

14 Reviews

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    Won’t be the last one i buy

    Posted by dugger cook on 25th Oct 2019

    I have a 50” chest and Although the sizing charts were adequate for getting an okay fit, im not totally satisfies with fitment. Also, the back panel doesn’t come close to reaching the front panels, leaving my sides unprotected. Fortunately i can sew, so i’ll Be trying to adjust the fit of the coat to better meet my needs. I will also be adding zippers along the side seams from The bottom of the coat to ease access to my sidearm.

  • 5

    Posted by Muhammad on 14th Oct 2019

    I had to send it back to go down a size. Definily measure yourself. Return was fast

  • 5
    Well Made, Fits Great

    Posted by Richard on 19th Jul 2019

    I ordered this coat/vest quite a while ago, and it finally came today. It is basically a regular coat that you can put Soft plates in when you think you might need them. or just use the plates for everyday use in winter. The jacket is very well made with quality materials and zippers. It also has several good sized pockets for wallets, I.D., or conceal carry. Including two felt lined hand pockets that will keep your hands warm, and are also large enough to carry a midsized firearm, or other weapon, and still have room for your hand. Plates are comfy too. Although the IIA plates a bit weighty but cover the upper torso well. Particularly crital ares, like heart and lungs. All in all, I'm very impressed. It looks great! I think I will get the Sleeveless nylon vest, too.

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    Go with 2A

    Posted by Adam F. on 24th Jun 2019

    I bought one in 2A and one in 3A. 2A it's like it's not even there, totally inconspicuous and comfortable. 3A is a bit more rigid, thick and during the summer I probably would just keep it in my trunk or something just in case. As far as quality goes, it seems top notch. Zippers are labeled USA and they say the armor fabric is made from material woven in the uS, then cut and assembled by them. The actual jacket clothing part is foreign but what isn't nowadays. For $300 you cannot go wrong

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    A Solid Product

    Posted by Michael M. on 20th Jun 2019

    My general impression is positive. The lead time is 4 weeks as advertised. The jacket is good quality on it's own and the armor feels sturdy yet flexible. It's a very warm jacket with the armor, so winter only. It's quite comfortable and the weight isnt a problem but the 3a is bulky enough that you need to smooth it down a bit to conceal the edges when you put it on. The coverage area in the front is excellent. Throat to below naval. Back is a bit shorter than I'd like. Down to kidneys. But you could conceal carry in back with no interference. Side coverage is wrap around except under where your arms hang down, which helps keep it harder to detect. The jacket has a double zipper and a 2 inch panel overlap in the front. Overall I'm pleased with it and plan to wear it during the fall and winter.