Have a jacket you wish was bulletproof? Don't like our styles or colors? Need badges or additional panels?

For a small fee* we can make whatever you want!

As all of the items in our Bulletproof Everyone collection are already hand built and made to order, we can modify most** clothing to fit our bullet resistant panel system. This option also allows the user to purchase one of our jackets, minus panel system, and swap protection between multiple items of clothing.

Custom order lead times vary between 4-6 weeks. 

To start a custom order, please contact us to speak with a technical designer.


+1 (253) 843 - 9999
Mon - Fri: 9am - 3:30pm (PST)
Saturdays, Sundays: CLOSED






*Fee determined on a per case basis.

**Windbreakers, plain t-shirts, and other lightweight items cannot support the panels.