Ultralight IIIA Armor Panel Set

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The soft armor here is meant for upgrading your existing IIA armor to our IIIA ultralight. It is thinner and lighter than our IIA armor while covering even more calibers.

For information on ballistic ratings, visit HERE

All soft armor here are sold as a two panel set.


  • Extremely Light: Level IIIA Ultralight is just under 2.9lbs for the 12"x16" set

  • Flexible: Roll it up and put it in a bag

  • Ratings:  Level 3A rated covers .22LR, .380ACP, 9mm, .40SW, .45ACP .357SIG/MAG and .44MAG

  • Longevity: All armor is ultrasonically sealed in a waterproof Nylon membrane and carries a 5 year warranty

Ultralight armor ships in 5 business days.