Replacement Jacket Panels SET

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Complete replacement set of IIA or IIIA - Previous customers only.


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    very pleased

    Posted by Scott on 9th Oct 2020

    I ordered a jacket for myself and my girlfriend with 2A armor, then also ordered 3A armor for both. Her jacket fit perfectly with the 2A. We got the wrong size 3A panels and had to go through a return cycle that took a bit, but worked out. My jacket looked great too too, but the armor "puffed out" in the front a little. I added a simple piece of elastic and it now looks flawless. On several occasions I've worn it out and later asked if anyone noticed anything about the jacket. Even a recently-deployed military guy said "looks new", but had no clue it contained armor. The 3A armor in the back was an easy swap-in and I never notice it there. The 3A in the front makes it look like you have a thick sweater underneath, so I've set that aside for times I know might be riskier. The armor is as tall as it can be w/o causing a problem when you sit down. This means it covers heart and lungs fully, but bellybutton down and collarbone up is not covered. I'm fine with that because I want to be able to wear this casually, and it blocks most of the primary target locations. There is a small gap between the back panel and the side panels, but besides that they cover everything you can while remaining incognito. The jacket quality they use as a base is quite high, so its nice that there is no compromise. And despite having some incorrect shipments for the replacement panels, the customer service was friendly and excellent. When they miss-sent the 2ndary armor for my girlfriend twice, they made up for it by sending me an extra jacket shell so I have alternatives for swapping in the armor. Nice to be able to vary this by season and situation.